Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Virginia Bluebells

  As I mentioned yesterday, my favorite spring flower is blooming, my Virginia Bluebells. Soooooo my husband reluctantly  went outside after he got home from work and took a few photos. The bluebells colors are more intense than these photos show as photos were taken in late afternoon with sun shining on the bluebells.
My Magnolia tree is also blooming. The wind was so strong Sunday that a lot of the petals just blew off. I did not realize until a petal landed on the deck by me, that the petals themselves are fragrant. Nice
  Going to spend the day today looking at rug hooking teachers and patterns to get ideas for wool quilts and MAYBE get started rug hooking again.I did hook a small chair pad and a fairly large( for me anyway), about 2x3,  rug of my original design showing our youngest daughters 4-H mini lop rabbits whose names were Off and On. I designed another rug a little larger of a wolf howling at the moon with mountains behind him. I need to finish a little mountain part and the sky. Then I need to hook the border which consists of wolf prints. We visited Mission Wolf in the Colorado Mountains south of Denver in the 90's and the wolf prints are from one of their wolves there. They have wolves that people had as pets and them realized they are a wild animal and not pets,also,wolves from other places that need a home. They are in very large fenced areas allowing them to live as naturally as possible. They do, however, have to provide food for the wolves and do so with elk and deer that are hit by cars on the road.  Wolves are probably the most misunderstood animal I can think of.  If you study them, they only kill what they can eat (unlike man), kill the sick or weak , and are highly social animals AND they were there before man. It is just plain criminal how man decided to eliminate all the wolves in the U. S. and did so.  Just like the buffalo.

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