Monday, April 18, 2011

Sue Spargo's BOM #2

Yesterday I posted block #3 and here is block #2. I finally kind of figured out how to start downloading photos to this blog again (I hope).
 The new stitches we learned on this flower were: The threaded back stitch, the pistol stitch, the bullion stitch and the palestrina stitch. The threaded back stitch is used around the leaves. I did a back stitch with variegated Valdani thread  and then used this thread to weave in and out of the back stitches. It makes a nice lacy looking stitch. The pistol stitch is done with metallic thread above the green velvet center. The yellow green Shepard's silk is couched around the flower center circle.  Blue variegated Silken Perle is used for the Herringbone ladder stitch on the ribbon stem. Bullion stitches were used around all the orange and rose wool in the center while the palestrina stitch was used around all the smaller blue circles.
  I am really liking these flowers.

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