Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dying Wool

The last few weeks I have been feverishly hand dying wool, silk/rayon velvet, silk charmeuse and raw silk for my applique quilts. I ordered the book Fusion Dying and it is terrific. There are 58 dye formulas with 8 values of each color. The method is jar dying and since I do not stir the wool while it is boiling in the jars, the wool is very mottled. Pretty fantastic.
My friend JoAnn came over and we were like kids in a candy store playing with dyes, wool, velvet and silk. Way FUN.
But I was forced to take a break as I had foot surgery for tarsal tunnel last Wednesday. I have to be off my feet for 5 weeks. This gives me time to actually applique. I belong to Sue Spargo's Block of the Month for 2011. I am on block 3 (March) so am caught up. She teaches us 4 new embroidery stitches each month. Lots of fun to do.

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