Saturday, April 9, 2011

All alone am I

Our daughter went back home after taking care of me for a week. It is hard to do a lot of things after foot surgery. While my husband is terrific and very helpful, this second foot surgery was about too much for him, so we called in reinforcements!
 Amy took lots of photos of all my art quilts while she was here, so I will start posting them soon. As I mentioned before, we are very fortunate in Des Moines to have a large quilt guild and therefore are able to bring in national teachers. Many of my art quilts were done or sparked by some of these teachers classes. Anytime you have the opportunity to take a class, do so even if you think you know all about the subject. I have found that there is always more to learn
It also helps to belong to a great art group of friends. There are 12 of us that meet once a month as the Designing Ladies. LOTS of great ideas float around plus encouragement. If you do not belong to a small group, I would like to suggest you join one. Besides my art group I belong to the applique group (actually two applique groups).It  is amazing how much you can learn from others, plus the close lasting friendships that you develop. Thanks to all my small groupies!

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