Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Applique Quilt

Since I mentioned in an earlier blog that I started appliqueing in 2001, I thought you might like to see my first applique quilt. It is a small quilt since I was unsure how to applique and if I was going to like applique. I purchased a book from Piece O' Cake Designs for the pattern and the instruction on how to applique.
Here is my poppy quilt. It is 1/4 of the Poppy quilt in their book. It is, also, the first time I tried free motion machine quilting. Since then I have done 2 large applique projects. One for each of our two children for their weddings. I do not have a photo of the Jacobean quilt I made for our daughter, but the quilt for our son and his wife is the black, white, and red quilt of Aunt Millie's Flower Garden by Piece O' Cake designs that was in an earlier blog post.
    I am having some of my applique friends come over for lunch to keep me company since I can't get out with my cast on my foot. A fun group and I know it will cheer me up to be with my friends. These are my road trip friends!!!. We are VERY lucky in the Des Moines area to have 2 good quilt stores in town and  about 8 or more within a hour or so drive in any direction. So we try to spread our money around as much as possible! LOL.
Thought you might like to see my blue cast. Last time (right foot) I had hot pink.

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