Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sue Spargo's Block of the Month

I just finished  block #3 from Sue's BOM. I would really like to show it to you but am having a LOT of trouble downloading the image for some reason. Anyway, we learned 4 new embroidery stitches this month: the fly stitch, the stem stitch, the circle bullion knot stitch, and the whipped back stitch. We have already learned the threaded back stitch and the Pekinese stitch which are stitches worked through back stitches like the whipped stitch . I must say I really like the whipped back stitch. First you back stitch around your appliqued piece then you go back and whip stitches through the back stitches. Makes a nice wrapped stitch and by using variegated thread it gives lots of color. It is especially nice when the variegated back stitches are different colors than the whipped stitches.
  I should be getting block #4 any day now. These blocks are so fun and easy to finish in a month since there are not a lot of pieces and most of it is wool.  You do not have to  needle turn wool just whip stitch it down and that leaves plenty of time to do the embroidery.
  Hopefully I will be able to post the photos soon.

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