Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Musings

Here I am STILL in a boot with one crutch and wanting to get outside and enjoy the nice weather (in between the rain, that is). We have had about 5 inches in four days, but we were pretty dry and needed it. Our sump pump hasn't even kicked in yet. It will be great for our newly planted tomato and pepper plants and it will help our zucchini,cantaloupe, and cucumber seeds sprout. Now to keep the rabbits and deer away.
 So far the deer have stayed away from my hostas, but I am sure this won't last long. My Sum and Substance Hosta is amazing. The leaves are just huge this year. They are supposed to be, but they have never been this big before. The rest of hostas are looking really good. They really have liked the last two cool and rainy summers plus the good rain with cool temps this spring.
  I go to the foot Dr. today and I hope to be out of this boot, but doubt it. My foot will start hurting while wearing my boot and using one crutch if I walk very far--like to the back of a large grocery store and back to the front. I can only walk for about 5 minutes with a shoe. Just wish my foot would heal faster. It is really harder with this foot because it is spring and I want to out in the yard! Oh, well, I have plenty of applique to keep me busy.
 I am almost done with my May BOM from Sue Spargo. I will get the June BOM the second week of June.
I have my new original wool applique piece sketched out. I decided that Martin's Jungle will take a long time and wanted something smaller that I could use as a teaching pattern at a later date. This one has 1 large flower with lots of embroidery and 3 birds or chickens (haven't decided yet if it is folky enough for the chickens).
 I am using some of my own hand dyed wool for the background. I do not have enough wool dyed to use all of my own hand dyes for the whole piece as the only large pieces I have are values of blue, fuchsia, green and a dull orange. I haven't been able to dye fabric since the end of March, so I am having dying withdrawals!!
  I must get back to my applique.

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