Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Counter of Color

Here the island counter in my kitchen covered with dyed wool. Aren't the colors fantastic? On the nearest end is yellow green, gold green, dark blue green, and one piece of bright yellow green wool. Next are the blues with the third row consisting of the turquoises, royal purple, blue purple and lavender . Last is red, bright orange, soft pink, bright red, bright fuchsia and orange. It just makes me happy to look at all this color.
   It has been a little hard to  have my husband gone for three days and trying to get all my meals while on a crutch and in a boot (so can use only one hand) than I thought it would be. I did not realize how many steps it takes to make a meal in my kitchen, especially when you can carry only one thing at a time! It was a little tricky to put things in and out of the oven, but I was able to stand against my Aga so I did not have to use the crutch.  I am VERY thankful that the tornado and hail did not come our way last night. I did not relish going up and down the stairs with my boot. Well I would have just scooted down on my rear and back up the same way.
 Since I can't sleep with hubby gone, I stayed up last night organizing photos in my Shutterfly account. I love that web site as they make it so easy to organize your photos, crop them, and make photo albums that you can print or not. I know all my photos will be in a safe place forever no matter what. Now my HUGE job is to scan 30 years worth of family photos onto my computer and then download them onto Shutterfly. I thought I had found them all and put them upstairs by the scanner, BUT, yesterday I found lots of them stored in boxes in a cupboard in my hubbies office. And then there are the photos in frames on the walls and in albums including our wedding album. I have no idea how long just scanning them will take, and then to crop and organize makes me tired just thinking about it! I know I did not put dates on lots of them, so I will have to guess what year by guessing the age of our children and where some of the photos were taken (ie, Disney World, Colorado, Mexico, cruises, and so on). After scanning them, I will need to write captions as to date, place, ages of children, and names of people in photos. This is a great and big project to work on while my feet continue to heal this year, I just have to be able to get up the stairs with arms full of photos and my laptop computer! After all this is done (probably in a few years!) I have several family history photo albums from both my mom and my mother-in-law that are full of old photos which will need to be scanned, dated and the history written about each photo as well as who are in them. My mom and mother-in-law have done a great job documenting all the photos in the albums, so at least I do not have to spend time on that.
  I'm off to get lunch and then to finish  my new Benny Harper quilting mystery book by Earlene Fowler. This one is Tumbling Blocks. Her books are all named after quilt block names and are easy reads with a murder  mystery in each book--very fun. I think I have all 15 of her books and she is not done writing them. Sometimes I just need a fun easy fast read.

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