Saturday, May 7, 2011

Purples and greens, etc

Here is the outcome of some more dying sessions. All these fabrics were dyed using the Fusion Dying book and the jar dying method. The bottom wool in the front left is actually a gold green formula #44. It looks brown, but is a dark gold green.  The soft green velvet on top is actually from the same formula. Hard to believe, but true. Velvet takes the colors very differently than the wool and silk.On the top of that pile is silk dyed with a bright yellow green formula # 34 with some wool dyed from the same color underneath. All the colors I have dyed so far from this book have turned out fabulous.  I am hoping to be dying soon, but I went to the foot Dr. yesterday and I can't wear a shoe full time for about 2 more weeks. I know standing and dying fabric would be too stressful for my foot for a few more weeks after that. The Dr, basically told me just to sit and take it easy.Well, I guess I will just look at my wool, velvet and silk and drool!!
 Here in Iowa we finally have warm and sunny weather. It has been a cloudy cool spring and I am very happy to see the sun. The lilacs are in full bloom, hostas are up as well as peonies. My lungwort  is in full bloom and the wild columbine is about ready to bloom. Due to my foot I will not be doing much, if any, gardening this spring, I definitely will not be digging up anything with a shovel. That would ruin all of the gains I have made with the tarsal tunnel surgeries---NOT going there!!!
The pile on the  left in the back (on the bottom) is  royal purple #17 and above that is lavender # 14. I believe (as I do not have my notes and sample swatches) that the color on top of the lavender is and the blue is # 19 blue purple.
On the right bottom is #6 soft pink wool with the soft pink silk on top of the wool. Next is #1 bright red, and then is #11 dark fuchsia with #43 orange  above that. I think the silk on the top is dyed with the dark fuchsia. In a later blog I will show all the colors separately with their values so you can see the colors better.

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