Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring #2

This is Bellwort and blooms only in the spring. After that the leaves die and it does not appear again until spring.

Above is one of our wild Columbine in full bloom. The hummingbirds love these, although they have not arrived at our house yet.

At the right is a close up of my Bleeding Heart.

This is a patch of ajuga. The blue so so intense,I wish they bloomed more that once a year.
 Here is one of my two Bleeding Hearts. I just transplanted it in this bed last spring so I think it is doing well. If you notice the stalk sticking up on the left you will see what our deer do to my flowers---EAT THEM!!
 This is our two crabapple trees. In the last post there is a large photo of the Indian Magic on the left. Golden Raindrops is on the right. The buds are pink, but bloom white and the crabapples are golden. It is my favorite crabapple tree and is in bloom today (Tuesday). This photo was taken on Sunday.

This is a close up of one of my Hellebores.

Here is our latest water feature. It is by the drive and the sidewalk up to our from door. We found this large pot and my husband made it into a water fountain that the birds love. The deer almost drain it dry each night.

Below is photo of my Hellebores. To the left is a hardy Geranium that loves dry shady places and the leaves smell like apples when crushed.

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