Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Spring Flowers

Above is one of my last iris. I especially like the ruffles and the colors.  Above and on the right is a bud  the climbing rose Dawn. Due to the deer eating it these past years is has taken a while to get it to grow enough to cover one side of our arbor in the back. It now covers one side while the rose on the left covers the other.

The next few photos are of my rose on our trellis that  is over the gate that goes into our back yard. I am not sure of the name of this rose but it could be William Baffin??

 Here is a view of our pond. All the arching leaves in front are daylilies which will bloom in June. To the left are some of my Siberian Iris. The part of the pond that is behind the daylilies is covered with water lily pads and flowers.

 Above is my last peony of the year.

On the left is a close up of some of my Ostrich ferns that are planted by our back fence. This one escaped to the other side of the fence. I like how the sun is hitting the fern.

This is some more of my Ostrich ferns that escaped under the fence.

I like the color combination of the purple smoke bush and the yellow yarrow. The yarrow color is brighter than what the photo shows.

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