Friday, June 10, 2011

May Block of the Month

 This is the finished May Block of the Month from Sue Spargo. Two of the new stitches we learned were woven wheel roses or spider web roses and the drizzle stitch.  The spider web roses were added onto the light blue circles. I then added bullion stitches around the edges of the circles. I think they make the circles look like flowers. Around the center velvet are drizzle stitches in lime green Valdani thread. These were very fun to make, are three dimensional, and they make a very fun accent that is unique. Around  the leaves on the top is the Palestrina stitch. It consists of tiny knots and makes a nice outline stitch. I added per Sue's suggestion, two rows of wrapped back stitch on the orange flower. To make the wrapped back stitch just make the back stitch as usual and then wrap these stitches with thread that either matchs or contrasts the back stitch thread.  The small dots were punched out with a Fiskers 1/4" hole punch. I think they add a lot to the block. The stem is a ribbon. Bullion stitches with Silken Pearl 'Green Leaves' from The Thread Gatherer were made around the aqua flower center.

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